Easy process & instruction to become a wholesaler for our products.

Simple 100% online process. No form to download, print, return. When you’re ready take 10 minutes and fill the online form after closing this window.

You can return at any time. Applications are reviewed manually. You should received your login credentials and confirmation by email withing 48 hours.

In order to become a wholesaler for our products you only need to meet tow requirements.

  1. You have a valid business license
  2. Your business or services must be related to food, health, nutrition, etc, or catering to those

Who buys from us?

  1. Chefs
  2. Restaurants
  3. Cafes
  4. Yoga studios
  5. Wholesalers
  6. Food entrepreneur

What do we sell?

  1. Our finish products
  2. Bulk ingredients (nuts, seeds, cacao etc)