Your Albertan choice for raw organic wholesale bulk food direct

As a raw food plant based chef, making high quality plant based food is our pride and passion. We use these raw organic wholesale bulk food ourselves on a daily basis. We’re known for our high quality and nutrition dense food that taste great.

Since we use everything ourselves, our stock rotate fast which keeps what you buy fresh. Our products are always from the current year’s crop. We’re also different as we only carry gluten free items.

Fair price Policy

We also have a “fair price” policy. Since our mission is to help people thrive on a healthy plant based diet, we want to make it more affordable.

Prices may vary more than your typical in-store retailer because when we pay less we pass on the saving to you. Everybody wins.

Support Alberta First

Now you have your own in-province Alberta supplier. Alberta Strong. We also gladly ship across Canada.