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Healthy living is about getting back to the basics. Everyone needs the nutritional foundation that comes from eating a diet rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Unfortunately, many people can’t or won’t eat the recommended servings every day.

Who has access to the synergistic effects of the 100’s of thousand of phyto-nutrients available in

  • 30 different fruits, veggies and other plants that are,
  • Vine ripened, (Maximum nutrients)
  • Processed within hours of being harvested (Preserve those vital nutrients)
  • Crushed in WHOLE with pit, seeds and skin (Wholefood)
  • Dried at low temperature to preserve live enzymes (Raw)
  • Certified free of herbicides, pesticides, insecticide or other contaminants

I know I don’t, never had and never will without the addition of Juice Plus in my diet.

If you think you ‘eat healthy” or you “already eat your fruits and veggies”, don’t do like I did and wait years between the moment I heard about Juice Plus, and the time I chose to try.

I just wish I had started the first time I was introduced to it. At the time, I had all the same excuses I hear on a regular basis….I eat healthy, I am healthy, I eat my fruits and veggies.

Please do yourself a favor and let the product speak for itself. Everybody can benefit from adding a daily dose to their diet. It really is just a matter of how much you value your health, and the quality of your nutrition.

All I’m asking is for you to commit with me for a 4 months period. Let the product prove itself. Get your own experience. And the beauty with this company, after 3 months of use if for any reasons you think it’s not for you, the company will offer a full refund by returning the unfinished portion.

That’s why The French Raw Chef recommends the Juice Plus+ products as a powerful way to take healthy back.

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