As within so without

MKE Wk 9 – I Got No Time For This!

Or do I?

I had a funny reaction when I made the Haanel exercise of visualizing a flower from seed to bloom. As the title of my post reveals, my reaction was …really I have other things to visualize than a flower. Yes I’ll stop in a park to take in the beauty or immerse myself in the smell but in my head…next!

My brain immediately jumped instead where I was the seed and I saw my roots take hold and grow. Each root was a section of my DMP, my PPN’s then the right thoughts with the right action that lead to branches…as within so without. Each branch was the perfect manifestation of those thoughts and action all the way up to the leaves

It was EPIC!. more fun and more “practical for me”

Listen to the voice

4 thoughts on “MKE Wk 9 – I Got No Time For This!”


    Wow, Francois, this is great that you were able to visualize this growth process of flower from the seed as the manifestation of your DMP! This is it, that it’s all coming together and it’s powerful!

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