MKE Wk 16 The Root Of All Kindness 2

MKE Wk 16 The Root Of All Kindness

Point of convergence

Our weekly homework required us to focus on kindness combined with the Master Key Lesson of harmony and happiness.

I was on a country road, driving back home from some business functions. I was deep in my taught while listening to my playlist. The road was quiet, blue sky, sun reflecting on the snow covered fields. I had a new song on repeat…and it just happened. I realized I was in a space of bliss. “Really this is part of my work” did I tell myself. Meeting and being around kind people, enjoying the beauty of nature, listening to the music I want, smiling at drivers coming the other way.

All those attributes converged into one state of being, one of happiness. It’s one thing to read about it, meditate on it but actually realizing that you are not only in the midst of it but the catalyst for it and you are anchored in the heart of it, is just magical.

Deep sense of gratitude

The song just put everything together for me as I was grateful for everything and that life is about shining your light unto the world, serving others in a deliberate and mindful way. That deeper sense of meaning is my driving force, it’s time to “belt it out strong

The song: Cover your tracks by A boy and his Kyte.

Heart, flesh out your webs
The past that was tangled will unwrap & shed
Soul, sing out your songs
Clear out your throat. Belt it out strong

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