MKE Wk 13 - Today's Chef Menu, Mind à la Carte 2

MKE Wk 13 – Today’s Chef Menu, Mind à la Carte

This week is week 13 of my Master Key Experience [ MKE ] journey which is exactly half way into the whole process. It is the perfect to pause and reflect on what happened and how the experience fit in the greater scheme of my life and goals.

Being a plant based chef who’s passion is about marrying great taste with healthy food, my first decision in my creative process is always put health first. I’m all about educating or re-educating your palate.  Some of my coined phrases are

Your palate should be refined not your food™.

Health is an acquired taste™

When honing your skills as a chef, the foundation is marrying the 5 basic flavor profile of sweet, salty, sour, savory, bitter. Since we all have different palate the easiest way for giant food companies to please as many people in order to maximize sales is to pack a punch of salt, sugar and fat and voila you’re addicted.

Don’t believe me :-)…read this

While they may taste great, recipes created by TV celebrity chefs have more calories, saturated fat, and total fat than the average ready-made meal you find in supermarkets in the U.K., according to a study in the British Medical Journal. These pre-cooked, packaged meals are sold in the refrigerator section of most U.K. supermarkets and can be heated in minutes. Soure:

And that just restaurants. At the bottom of that food chain are the fast food companies.

That is the shortcut, it works for them (low cost & bigger market share) and it fools your brain & taste buds in thinking this is actually good. We know the long term consequences. At the base of this problem is people’s refusal to EXPAND and GROW their actual palate (taste buds)

At this point you might be wondering what’s the link between food and the Master Key Experience. Here it is. It dawned on me while making my famous chocolate. After I finish poring into molds I can’t help but scrape the bowl and finish myself that delicious leftover, and every single time I get the same reaction despite having done it countless of time. Darn this is good, my eyes roll like it’s the first time every time.

The moment of truth

This is where it hit me. Oh my Gosh! this is exactly my experience with the MKE. Every time I step into the readings, the exercises, the works it hits me every single time how incredible the process is. How well the recipe is crafted. It taste so good to my mind & soul but not by trickery, or shiny object fallacy.  It comes from the daily grinding & repetition of an ever growing sets of skills and habits that you don’t even realize they are changing your life until “out of nowhere” results, opportunities, people start appearing on your path that are in perfect harmony with your dreams and goals.

Folks forget the shiny object syndrome. There is no magic bullet, the work is  mastering the mind first, using it to its full capacity, APPLY the knowledge. Use MKE recipe and learn to GROW and EXPAND your mind and results. When planting cucumber seeds, you’ll be very disappointed if you want tomatoes. In fact you wouldn’t even think to expect that. Yet out of life we expect “X” results while planting the seeds of “Y”. It truly is that SIMPLE….no didn’t mean or say easy, I meant & said simple 🙂

Honors where honors are due

Mark, I gotta tell you man, you’re a master chef of the mind. As you often say and it rubbed on me, knowledge doesn’t apply itself. Instead of promising the moon on 15 minutes a weeks. You lay it out as it is. Hard work but not the type of work we’re use to think of in our western world. The MKE recipe is incredibly effective. You’ve balance every component without any trickery or shortcuts.

If you are reading this and are not on the course, I strongly encourage you to get on the waiting list now for the next session coming in fall 2018. Unless you have no interest in growing and being more. It really doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, where you’re at in your life or what you do. If you want to be more this is the starting point.

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  1. Wow great blog and i get food thing as my wife makes chocolate (THC & CBD as we work with cancer and other patients that want off opiates) so when I like the blow Lol i know what you mean, Awesome Lets keep going and change the worlds minds :))

  2. Very fancy, your blog looks great and I love the way you weave your relationship with food and preparing it into your experience with the Master Key!

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