MKE Wk 12 The little things are not so little 2

MKE Wk 12 The little things are not so little

Having my “printer” head fixed

My head is spinning in so many directions right now but in a good way. Even if I’m not 100% in tune with all the exercises, I do know I’m more time than not in the spirit and energy of the Master key Process. I’m noticing more and find it easier to find the smallest things to be grateful for.

In the same week I got two hints on how big the payoff could be when in the right frame of mind. The first one I must admit I was not in a good mood when it happened. About 18 months ago I bought a new printer, middle of the range not a trow away one but not too expensive either. To my surprise it just died on me. Looked up the error code, hmm not good…board failure. Made a few phone calls and eventually ended up with the company’s tech support.

By that time I was not in a happy mood as I bought the brand I swore 20 years ago I would never buy again and there I was, 6 months pass the warranty period with a dead printer. It is not in my nature to lash out at people and take my frustration on others so I took several deep breath, answered patiently all the questions I was asked. The visual I was keeping in my mind though was a new printer for free.

Hold and behold conversation goes well and suddenly I realize he’s shipping me a new unit. Wait a minute how much will it cost me I reply…nothing he said, just return the old unit….but but what about….we’ll pay for shipping too before i can even ask. Oh that’s amazing I reply..

Moral of the story, fill your warranty cards and be nice :-). You just never know if and when people will get out of their way or “box” to fulfill your vision.

Follow your guts… and the truck

On a lighter note I had to return a unit of a leased product I stopped using ( pre-paid mail again 🙂 but I had to use a specific carrier I rarely use. So I remembered where the warehouse was but also had errands to do which made me take a different route to get there. To my surprise I cross path with the courier truck  even slowed down to let him turn where he was turning. That was the moment where I listen to my gut and instead of continuing and going to my next stop, i turn around and park beside hi. Get out of the car and ask him if he can take that package. No problem sir, this is the new depot site and I’m picking up everything for the day.

Talk about jaw drop. I love it that subby has no concept of size cuz for me I thought I had just won the jackpot. I purposefully reveled in the feeling of synchronicity and a job well done moving along in an effortless and resistless manner doing what I had to do. I mean seriously, what are the odds of that.

I kept expanding of the feeling of what happened and extrapolate it to bigger things.

The law of dual thoughts live, unrehearsed, unscripted. Sheer beauty!

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