MKE-Wk 11 Rome wasn't built in a day! 2

MKE-Wk 11 Rome wasn’t built in a day!

The Joy of Persistence

It is with a greater sense of inner peace and confidence that I have marched into this week. Bering more focus and more determined has actually given me  more energy coming from a greater sense of clarity. It is becoming easier to take the appropriate step to move faster in the direction of a bigger and greater version of myself

I am tempted to say I don’t why but I really have just said it, but this week 11 has been so far, for me,  the most pivotal in solidifying the whole Master Key Experience. It creates the space between though and action that allows me to take action based on the greater vision but yet still pay closer attention to the smaller details.

It is even clearer to me the subtleties of what true persistence is. It’ not enough to work hard and it still not enough to work smart either. One’s motivation has to be grounded in something bigger, something that will ignite our passion. A burning desire coming from a very well articulated major purpose which is itself rooted in the service to others.

Rome was built by the persistence layering of bricks day by day, hour by hour and so is our live.

I will certainly keep honing those 4 habits.

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  1. Oh yes, the Persistence conversation. The 4 steps to building your own Rome! Go and get it! Thank you for sharing this.

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