MKE- Week 8 - Mark was right! 2

MKE- Week 8 – Mark was right!

Reason behind the Madness II

Of course I knew Mark was right but this week I could see it, feel it, integrate it. My body gave me the Ha Ha moment while I was driving back home after a successful meeting with a new distributor in my organization. The blue rectangles were everywhere. The links between all the parts of the course were big as a pipeline. Ba Bam!, For a moment, I was one with my future self.

Maybe the fact that I:

  • Listened for my affirmations with music for hours while driving around (over 3 hours total)
  • Looked at my shapes in my car
  • Actively looking at shapes and colors
  • Repeated ad hoc “Do it Now”…” I will be what I will to be”, while listening to the affirmation, looking at the shapes, colors etc

…might have help a tiny bit. You think so. Yeahh!. As Mark would say, knowledge does not apply itself. Gotta do the work buddy.


But the week had not started this way. On Wednesday I finally gave in and open the TV. After all I work hard and what’s in a freakin hour of TV anyway. I can’t take one more reading or 1 more blog post 1 more of anything. I need the break and I’m takin it! 🙂

Of course that didn’t help anything because like taking that sweet treat when you know you shouldn’t of the exercise you’re not doing while you know better, in the end it’s just the pleasure trap. Short term gain for no future gain. A disconnect between the present and future self.

Ba Bammm!!

And then it dawn on me, those wonderful neuropeptides (quick explaination). Those miraculous brain chemicals that drive us all. They are wonders of human nature because they make us reliable, predictable and consistent well oiled machine.

Remember scroll II;  I love the sun because it shows me the way but I love the night because it shows me the stars. Can’t hate those peptides for the undesired results because they’re also the anchors of our good habits. So unless consciously redirected, subby is always in control and most of our behaviors are derived from habits that are themselves directed by the neural pathways that crave and are fed those chemicals. Make no mistakes. We’re all addicts to these neuropeptides and trying to modify a specific behavior doesn’t go without a fight [resistance].

First part of the week…Withdrawal, craving, succumb to the ritual (habit), then of course feel bad about it. Sounds like the addiction cycle to me.

Last part of the week, immerse myself in the new habits…different feelings, different outcomes.

Furthermore it’s not really about the TV. I rationalize it by not having cable, no netflix etc. I haven’t watch news in years, everything I watch is commercial free so it’s like “clean eating” lol. Since the old blueprint has “Hard Work” wired into it, those peptides are fighting tooth & nails to keep their share and allowing myself to stream a few shows or movies is my way of feeling in control and in balance.

Two Peas in a Pod

But those are 2 peas in a pod. Work Hard…Escape….Work hard again…Instead of Work Hard, rejuvenate, think, plan, work better, get bigger results…etc. That’s why one of my PPN is Liberty and “Delegate” is embedded in my DMP to support that PPN.

On a bright note it is a very good thing that my preferred sport team is having an atrocious year. I had already decided that’s what I was going to give up but now ALL OF IT!.You’re brutal man…but I love you and so it is. I believe in what you’re teaching and how you do it, so I must surrender to the process if I want the results I am aiming for.

5 thoughts on “MKE- Week 8 – Mark was right!”

  1. Francois I love this blog post and also the lay out of how you have everything presented here, btw! Very nice! It’s so nice to hear about your success and how everything is linking together for you! Bravo!

  2. Hi Francois, inspiring blog!!! I love the idea of “instead of Work Hard, rejuvenate, think, plank, work better, get bigger results!” It reminds me of “Work Smart, Not Hard!”

  3. Wonderful post Francois – I have been in similar struggles and your explanation and insight is refreshing. Thank you!

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