MKE Week 4 - I'm in "Busy-Ness" 2

MKE Week 4 – I’m in “Busy-Ness”

A reason to the madness

The Master Key Experience is truly a total package. While I’ve taken the road less traveled, self discovery and personal growth has always been my underlying drive to reach my potential. While most of this material is not new to me, what comes to mind are Mark’s words, “there is a reason for the madness” (of the course that is). Frankly I can see what he means and why it is so important to follow the instructions, do the exercises, the reading, the writing. “Neurons that fire together, wire together” and we’re in the business of firing new neural pathways to move beyond ding the same thing and expecting different results as Albert Einstein would say.

I love it’s madness because after only a couple of weeks I am always to make some nice discoveries and the one I want to share today is the notion of business vs. busyness.

Working hard at getting busy

All my life I have always been proud to be a “hard worker” and it was returned to me either as compliment, recognition, advancement, raises. I’v obviously always been self-motivated and stubborn with my goals.

As a teenager during summer I would have as many as 3 different jobs simultaneously yet still find time to go out with my friends. In University I had a student job, I was teaching a class of Tae Kwon Do, be the assistant coach to the boxing club, sit on my faculty board and yes of course simultaneously . You get the drift 🙂

Freedom of choice

The reason I mention this is to show how well this neural pathway is entrenched. The groves are deep and those neuro-peptides are busy at work. While intellectually I know better, there is always a good reason for me to find something new to be busy with in my business. Having your own business can be a double edge sword. Freedom to run it, grow it anyway you want, is also the Achilles’ heal because there is no limit. hence a multitude of choices and actions to take. Nobody else but you is telling you what to do or not do.

Vision isn’t in the future

While I’ve always considered myself as a person with a vision for my life, the MKE course brings everything together. The notion of developing intimacy with my future self was a revelation.  So simple yet so profoundly true. It automatically bridges the gab between the now and the future and makes decision making and action taking much clearer. The gap instead of being completely filled with busyness, there is now a growing space of faith & trust. A deeper sense of clarity and certainty which results in more productive choices and actions.

I promise to keep that space alive and I always keep my promises!


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