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Juice Plus bring you 30 different synergistic plants, fruits and veggies in a convenient form

Vine Ripened

We cannot overstate the value of vine ripened fruits and veggies. Unless you buy from your local farmers, everything you buy in stores has been picked 2 to 3 weeks prior to reaching their maximum nutritional value

Raw & Living

After harvest fruits and veggies are first crushed NOT JUICED, in whole, pit, skin where a lot of additional nutrient become available that we would not otherwise have.

35 Gold Standard Reasearch

Juice Plus is most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product in history, backed by 35 gold standard, double placebo studies in the most prestigious hospitals & universities around the world.

What Happens When I Take it?*

*From more than 30 gold standard peer reviewed studies conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world. Real research, Real Results. 

Results are those obtained during controlled research. Your result may vary and this timeline is not guarantee you will obtain similar results. Every one has a unique experience with Juice Plus. Try for yourself. Take your 4 months trial risk free.

Immediate Results

Reduces the immediate impact (vasoconstriction) of high fate meals by 40-50% down to 16%

After 7 days

  • Increase in key antioxidants
  • Decrease in lipid peroxides

After 14 days

  • Increase in micronutrients
  • Reduction in oxidative stress under acute eccentric exercise

After 28 days

  • Significant increase in blood plasma level of key antioxidants
  • Significant increase in blood plasma of vitamin C, B_Carotene, lycopene, lutein

After 42 Days

  • Significant increase in blood level of key antioxidants
  • Increase resistance to LDL cholesterol oxidaxtion

After 80 Days

  • Decrease of inflammation markers
  • Increase in folate levels
  • Significant increase in selenium
  • Decrease in systolic & diastolic blood pressure
  • 20% reduction in cold & flu symptoms

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