How to Sign-up as a JuicePlus Distributor

Step 1

The process of how to sign up as a JuicePlus distributor is simple and efficient. Juice Plus is country specific. Even if you are in a different country than the person you are bringing into the Juice Plus family, they simply select their base country as shown on the image on the right. Note that not all countries’ websites have the exact same menu location but you get the idea.

  1. Go to our Juice Plus website by clicking here (defaults to Canada)
  2. Or the direct link to the sign-up page here
  3. If you are not from Canada, click on the Globe on the top right as shown on the screenshot (click on the image to enlarge)
  4. By clicking the globe, a new section will appear with a pull-down menu where you can select your country (as shown on the image below)
  5. If at anytime your are requested to enter a “Franchise Partner ID” simply enter CAN0029151
how to sign up as a juice plus distributor

Step 2

Mouse over the image to see in greater detail

Once you click on the Globe, a new section appears where you select your country and language of choice from the drop down menu

Step 3

Not all countries have the same design but the sign up form is a 3 step process. 1. Virtual Franchise from the main menu. 2. Business from the sub-menu and finally 3. Sign-up for the franchise

Step 4

[modal title=”Then fill the secure online form and submit payment” opener=”image” image_opener=””]


Depending on your country this form may look different. This is also where you might have to enter can0029151 when “sponsor ID” is requested.

Follow the process and you will be a new distributor in no time

The End. Congratulation