Frequency Charged Nutrition For The Life You Love To Live

Rise & Vibe with the world’s first harmonically charged 7-Mushroom Blend Nootropic!
Jumpstart Your Day with Brain Fuel

RISE: Where The Magic Starts

Harmonically charged, 7- Organic Mushroom Blend Nootropic!

5 Day Experience

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Elevate Your Mood so You can Focus On What Matters

Don’t take our work for it. For 5 days take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
Sit, relax let it work and feel the transformation!


Elevate your emotional state of well-being and positivity.

Calm & Peace

Find inner tranquility and serenity to navigate life's demands.


Achieve an optimal equilibrium between focus and relaxation.


Unlock a renewed sense of vitality and drive to power through your day.


Experience a sharp, focused, and insightful mindset.


Discover a renewed sense of purpose and determination to achieve your goals.

Simple, Effective, Delicious

Let the product speak for itself. Everyone’s experience is different, but 5 days is enough for most to notice a difference. We felt its power within 30 minutes of taking our first serving.

What Others Are Saying!

Of course we could add many more but they all share the same “rise & vibe”!

"This product has truly exceeded my expectations. Not only do I feel more energized and focused, but my overall mood has improved too. It's amazing what the right nutrients can do for your brain health."
Alex D.
"I've tried everything to boost my energy levels without relying on caffeine. This is the first natural supplement that not only works but also keeps me feeling balanced and alert all day. Absolutely love it!"
Erin K.
Fitness Coach
"I was skeptical at first, but the difference in my mental clarity and motivation since I started taking this supplement is night and day. I'm finally able to tackle my to-do list without feeling overwhelmed."
Marcus R.

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We accept all major credit cards. We use Square to process our payment so rest assure that all your information is safe & secure. We never have access to your credit card.

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Shipping is included in the price. We collect your address during checkout and we’ll ship it the same day.

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