MKE Wk 16 The Root Of All Kindness

Point of convergence Our weekly homework required us to focus on kindness combined with the Master Key Lesson of harmony and happiness. I was on a country road, driving back home from some business functions. I was deep in my taught while listening to my playlist. The road was quiet, blue sky, sun reflecting on […]

MKE Wk 13 – Today’s Chef Menu, Mind à la Carte

This week is week 13 of my Master Key Experience [ MKE ] journey which is exactly half way into the whole process. It is the perfect to pause and reflect on what happened and how the experience fit in the greater scheme of my life and goals. Being a plant based chef who’s passion […]

MKE Wk 12 The little things are not so little

Having my “printer” head fixed My head is spinning in so many directions right now but in a good way. Even if I’m not 100% in tune with all the exercises, I do know I’m more time than not in the spirit and energy of the Master key Process. I’m noticing more and find it […]

MKE-Wk 11 Rome wasn’t built in a day!

The Joy of Persistence It is with a greater sense of inner peace and confidence that I have marched into this week. Bering more focus and more determined has actually given me  more energy coming from a greater sense of clarity. It is becoming easier to take the appropriate step to move faster in the […]

As within so without

MKE Wk 9 – I Got No Time For This!

Or do I? I had a funny reaction when I made the Haanel exercise of visualizing a flower from seed to bloom. As the title of my post reveals, my reaction was …really I have other things to visualize than a flower. Yes I’ll stop in a park to take in the beauty or immerse […]

MKE- Week 8 – Mark was right!

Reason behind the Madness II Of course I knew Mark was right but this week I could see it, feel it, integrate it. My body gave me the Ha Ha moment while I was driving back home after a successful meeting with a new distributor in my organization. The blue rectangles were everywhere. The links […]

MKE Week 7 – Forgiveness, the foundation for a happy life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I love seeing the connections mapping themselves out in my brain between each components of the Master Key Experience. This week’s addition the Law of Forgiveness, is such a perfect example.

MKE Week 4 – I’m in “Busy-Ness”

A reason to the madness The Master Key Experience is truly a total package. While I’ve taken the road less traveled, self discovery and personal growth has always been my underlying drive to reach my potential. While most of this material is not new to me, what comes to mind are Mark’s words, “there is […]

MKE Week 2 – Subby, Meet Baba Yaga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This week several concept or even just works keeps coming to mind on a consistent basis. Subby (love the nickname) guardian at the gate, cement, habits and while doing my “sit still exercise” the image popped in my head.

MKE Week 1 – Serendipity

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have always been fascinated by etymology, the roots and origin of words. Since my native tongue is French while living a life exclusively in English I often have a better incentive than most to look things up. While I got the gist of what serendipity is, I did the exercise of looking it it […]